Upload either "paint", "glow" or both.

When you include a "glow" file, the image will have a little button attached that toggles the light.

If you tick the "glow" checkbox, the image will be generated as "Paintable Indicator" blocks, otherwise the more performance friendly "Paintable Sign" blocks will be used.


Glow :

Size limit in blocks (0 = unscaled):

Adjust images :
The tool adds a little bit of contrast to the paint and darkens the glow image significantly so it doesn't end up glowing white, uncheck this if you want to adjust the images yourself.

Save the resulting XML-file at the following path and load it in the editor: %appdata%/Stormworks/data/vehicles/

Note: While I do not care what you convert for your personal use, uploading any copyright protected images converted with this tool to the workshop is strictly forbidden.